Little Artists Book Set by Niki Daly

Kane Miller

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Fashion designer, artist, musician or dancer? Which will your littlest artist choose? Four books in one attractive slip case.

Being aware of the world around you is all very well and good, but sometimes, sometimes, you just have to … dance. Or sing. Or bang on your drum. Or play dress up. It's important, for all kinds of reasons, and it's particularly important for little artists. The Little Artists boxed board book set by award-winning South African author and illustrator Niki Daly, celebrates the creative, the expressive, the imaginative, the freedom, of art in all its forms, and in children, in all of theirs. The four books are designed to give a gentle yet obvious nudge into the world of images and words. Carlos, Mondi, Ruby and Nina are all little artists, and their simple stories are told with humor and whimsy. Toddlers will follow along as they perform their favorite activities … reader participation is subtly encouraged, so adults will find it easy to interact with little listeners.

Niki Daly's high regard for children is always beautifully expressed through the books he creates for them. Over the past 35 years he has won numerous awards at home and abroad for his lyrical writing and lively illustrations. These books, his latest, are small, simple, accessible … and absolutely perfect.